Our Impact


All of our youth need good role models, encouragement, support and a chance. We try to provide this for them at Kids Making It.   Although we have worked with over 3000 kids over the years, we still, and always will, measure success one kid at a time.  Here are just a handful of our hundreds of success stories:

We see success in T., a twelve-year old who, after coming to KMI, quit the gang he was in, set a sales record at KMI and used his earnings from his product sales to buy his own equipment and set up his own small shop and woodworking business.   T. learned that our Secret to Life really does work – just be a nice person, follow the golden rule, look to help others, and the world will make a way for you.

We see success in Joseph, one of our youth who is challenged by Asperger’s Syndrome.   Joseph is now enrolled in college and will soon have his degrees: one in Business Administration, and another in Finance & Banking, together with a certification in Customer Service.   As a member of our Apprenticeship Program, Joseph spends his free time at Kids Making It, working as a team member to complete custom woodworking orders for the public, helping to teach younger youth and continuing to develop his woodworking, vocational and social skills.

J., another student,  spent a hundred hours making a beautiful cypress and birch armoire from his own design, to house his  TV and stereo, and to store his clothes.  When he took it home, it barely fit in his bedroom. His mother liked it so much, she asked him to make one for her. Instead, he gave it to her.

In truth, we see success every day in all of our kids who come together each afternoon in our shop, from different backgrounds and socio-economic classes, to share tools and materials and work together to produce quality merchandise to sell to the public. We see them grow into mature, respected citizens in the process.